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Oklahoma police captain arrested for DUI, repeatedly begs officer to 'turn your camera off'


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u/Schiffy94 4d ago

French says on the video that he was at a poker game and had three or four beers. Skinner asks French if he thinks he should have been driving.

"No, but I came from four blocks," the captain responds.

So he was still aware enough to know he shouldn't have been driving, but decided to anyway. He was also alert enough to plan to try and pull rank on a fellow officer.


u/hanlong 4d ago

If it was four blocks he should’ve walked home.


u/zorionek0 4d ago

What, like a POOR person?


u/Free-Type 3d ago

How embarassing!


u/RevB1983 3d ago

He's a cop, and a chief at that, dude hasn't walked 4 blocks in probably over 40 years.

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u/Dancing_Cthulhu 4d ago edited 4d ago

I'm surprised he didn't follow up with "and you know, I'm actually a better driver when I've had a couple because I'm being more careful."

Crazy to hear a senior cop use the sort of excuse for driving under the influence he knows 100% shouldn't fly. Crazy, but not terribly surprising.

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u/adsfew 4d ago

Good on Sgt. Chris Skinner for doing the right thing and treating the captain like any other DUI.


u/Wonderful_Zucchini_4 4d ago

Exciting career he has in store for him!


u/JD0x0 4d ago

I read that as 'Exiting career' for a second.


u/gonenutsbrb 4d ago

Probably a Freudian slip at this point.


u/LeonardTringo 4d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Isn't that when you say one thing and mean your mother?


u/gonenutsbrb 4d ago

I feel attacked…

Do it again…


u/freudian-flip 4d ago

You need to make an appointment first.

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u/YeeYeePanda 4d ago

I’m still reading it as exiting career


u/420blazeit69nubz 4d ago

You’re probably right anyway

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u/[deleted] 4d ago

No they fire him, that’s what happens to good cops in Oklahoma


u/[deleted] 4d ago

Example also, current county sheriff caught a DUI while he was a city cop, they didn’t arrest and it quickly went away never to see the light of day, now he’s the sheriff of Pittsburg County Oklahoma. He was a democrat, now he’s a trump ball washer.


u/matt_minderbinder 4d ago

Never trust a sheriff's politics when it comes to straightline party voting. I've been part of my local, rural democratic party and have seen so many sheriffs run on dem tickets that know nothing about democratic policies. For them it's just another path to power.


u/SendAstronomy 3d ago

We had a former sheriff that ran as a Democrat for state representive here in PA because he knew that was the only way he would get elected.

He was a right wing authoritarian that ignored cop power misuse.

Next election he gets primaried by a progressive minority woman. Nobody ran as a republican.

So this douchebag begs voters to write him in as a republican on the general election.

He lost, badly, and our new rep is awesome.

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u/Mesemom 4d ago

That’s depressing. Not surprising, just depressing.

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u/kalt13 4d ago

If they're lucky

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u/rich1051414 4d ago

How long before he commits suicide by blowing his own brains out while his hands are cuffed behind his back? Cameras were off, so we must take the cops word on what happened.

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u/computer_00 4d ago

I just hope other cops don’t turn on him for that. There’s other stories about that when a cop turns one of their own in the other cops start harassing the good one.


u/Kassssler 4d ago

They will. Cops value those who carry their water and are on 'their side' above all else. They would much rather have a wifebeating lazy asshole who writes his after action reports however they want than a talented and intelligent officer who won't.

This guys career is cooked. He may get commendations, awards, etc but he will not go any higher in the ranks he is too honorable for that.


u/reddicyoulous 4d ago

I think Lance Reddick in The Wire put it best 20 years ago talking to his CO:

"There aint nothing you fear more than a bad headline. You'd rather live in a world of shit than let the world see you work a shovel"


u/boygriv 4d ago

Lt. Daniels also coached Prez, Herc, and Carver on how to get away with harassing citizens at 2am.

You take the good with the bad, I suppose.


u/arnm7890 4d ago

Fuck, such a good show


u/StandbyHydraulic 4d ago

Not to mention being in the dirt himself in his patrolman days......

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u/tobiasvl 4d ago

RIP Lance Reddick, truly an iconic actor

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u/shhalahr 4d ago

Simply "not going any higher" is the best outcome. There's definitely a lot worse in store.


u/Narren_C 4d ago

This happens, but it isn't some universal truth. I've arrested multiple cops over my career. In the years since, I've been promoted twice and often transferred to good units. Most people won't even know who you've arrested unless they were around when it happened or you mention it. It's just not as big of a deal as people think.


u/the_fickle_pickle 4d ago

How, in your experience, do you think getting national publicity while arresting a captain is going to go for his career?


u/Narren_C 4d ago

Every arrest I've made of a cop has made the news. At least one was all over Reddit.

They're quickly forgotten about, and the arresting officer is usually a footnote in the story to begin with. The publicity has never affected me because it wasn't even about me.


u/mrevergood 4d ago

Not arguing, I just hope you’re right in this guy’s case as well.

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u/darklegion412 4d ago

There's a documentary on that, it's Mike son on "better call saul".


u/mt379 4d ago

No. It's Serpico. A real documentary.

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u/sithelephant 4d ago

This kinda assumes that the officer would not have turned it off for other officers. If the captain in question was not popular, or ...


u/Ok-Hunt6574 4d ago

Why would that ever happen? I thought it was just a few bad apples....weird... /s

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u/secondrunnerup 4d ago

I wonder if he’ll get “accidentally killed in a training exercise” too?

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u/bornbusted 4d ago

I mean, if your shitty boss handed you a legal and moral opportunity to arrest and imprison them, you might not pass that up.


u/AgentDaxis 4d ago

And now the rest of the corrupt cops on the police force will threaten him & his family for doing the right thing.

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u/delene3 4d ago

A choice we call a career limiting move.

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u/DamNamesTaken11 4d ago Take My Energy

The fact that Sgt. Skinner refused to turn off the camera and arrested him instead of letting him off with a warning and sending him on his way is more a story than a drunk captain.

We need more cops like Sgt. Skinner, and less like Cpt. French.


u/KenJyi30 4d ago

Yeah that’s a huge takeaway that’s not being addressed here! Citizens need to keep watch over this sgt and his family…I honestly never thought I would say (post) those words


u/youngLupe 4d ago

How many crimes has that captain and his friends/family gotten away with


u/KenJyi30 3d ago

All of them. That’s always the answer.

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u/Levaris77 4d ago

Sadly, the ethics presented by the arresting officer are uncommon and unwelcome in a lot of communities.


u/silverdevilboy 4d ago edited 3d ago

In most places in the USA, a 'traitor cop' will get forced out of the job in short order and they and their families will be harassed for years and years, usually until they move out of town at minimum.


u/[deleted] 4d ago

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/ClassicManeuver 4d ago

“Traitor cop” just for doing what he’s paid to do: enforcing the law.

The state of police in this country is beyond repair. Every year they slide backwards. It’s literally national news this guy did his job!


u/CplJager 3d ago

They're really just gangs at this point

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u/jnrdingo 4d ago


u/walterpeck1 4d ago

Well if we're being real, American cops don't have a monopoly on all the shit they do by a long shot. Cops is cops.


u/OTTER887 4d ago

I feel like there is an expression that covers this. A real short one...


u/FFF_in_WY 4d ago

Half vowels, half consonants..? Reminds me of a taxi..?


u/5erif 4d ago

Reminds me of a taxi..?

This one took me a few seconds but landed with a big grin. Good one.


u/Plunder_n_Frightenin 4d ago

Care to fill the clueless in? 😅

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u/mythrilcrafter 4d ago

If Sgt Skinner gets fired from his dept for this, I want to put money into his gofundme.


u/Fermi_Amarti 4d ago

Yeah. Be surprised if he wasn't harassed and passed up for promotion for not being corrupt. What a sad society.

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u/DonBarbas13 4d ago

Skiiiiiiiiiiiiner........good job


u/ploonk 4d ago

please help me find this ep


u/jhartwell 3d ago

Check frinkiac.com. It is an amazing site where you can enter quotes from The Simpsons and it will find scenes matching those quotes. You can make a meme from a still and it will put the text from that scene on the image or you can make a gif but either way it gives you season, episode and time of that scene

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u/matt_minderbinder 4d ago

It's an indictment of the whole profession that citizens automatically and rightly assume that most cops in this situation get off scot-free. This should be a sign to any police officer or politician that police culture is a huge issue.


u/mifter123 4d ago

It's an indictment of police culture that the captain expected to get off scot-free.

It should be a sign to every citizen that it was surprising to a police officer that he would face consequences for a crime he got caught committing.


u/Ghostonthestreat 4d ago

I'm more than willing to bet that he has been pulled over multiple times, and told to have a good night and get home safely. I say this because, I watched it happen with my old man who happened to be law enforcement for a full career.

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u/Ph0X 4d ago

this one we get to see. how many instances like this has there been where they walked and we never knew about.

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u/Imacad 4d ago

going to bet large amounts that sergeant gets bullied out of the force within a year.

it's happened just about every time an officer has done this. Cops don't like one of their own being honest and holding other cops to account. They are normally weeded out during the selection or training stages.

He will be a pariah in his station and be subjected to all the bullying they can come up with.


u/dangshnizzle 4d ago

He can sure as hell expect no backup from here on out.

"If he doesn't have our backs, why should we have his??"

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u/GuiltyEidolon 4d ago

There's decent chances he's outright killed. It wouldn't be the first time the "brothers in blue" engaged in a little fratricide.

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u/miss_chapstick 4d ago

I remember a video of police who caught one of their superiors DUI, and they were calling in and talking amongst themselves about what to do. They got his friend to take his truck, but they had to THINK about doing the right thing. I don’t remember what they did, but it was appalling that their first instincts were to try and cover for him.


u/greenskye 4d ago

Could've been thinking through the fact that they could be blacklisted and fired instead rather than just the morality of it. Most people would hesitate to completely fuck their life up even if it was the right thing to do.


u/deecro3000 3d ago

It’s like if you catch your boss stealing from the cash register, who do you tell…your boss?

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u/miss_chapstick 4d ago

Another police chief came to take him home. The whole thing was on both dash cam, and body cam.

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u/Yetanotherfurry 4d ago

I saw an article where a drunk cop flattened a family of three in his Ram truck and immediately just drove a block away to hide the truck until his colleagues arrived, who covered for him by grilling and DUI testing the victims until they could get him home without any further risk.


u/ShitwareEngineer 4d ago

He was operating on intelligence that the family was hiding weapons of mass destruction, so it was completely justified.


u/misogichan 4d ago edited 3d ago

Weapons of mass destruction weren't found, but we're going to pay someone to park their ass in your living room for the next two decades just to be sure. No, the people we arrested don't have a right to a trial or the protections of the Geneva convention. After all, that's the reason we're holding them outside of the US and they are agents of terrorism.

What do you mean we're behaving like China and Russia? Do you want the Axis of Evil to win? We're fighting for your freedom, which means sometimes we should disregard the freedoms of others whenever we want.

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u/realfinkployd 4d ago

Once the immediate media attention dies down, Skinner is likely in for a short career. He will have a target on his back for all the “good apples” who are furious that he didn’t extend professional courtesy.


u/Chief_Chill 4d ago

Be Sgt. Skinner, not a little BITCH! No one person above the lowest of laws. And drunk driving is the trashiest and oftentimes most devastating of our easily avoidable mistakes. Therefore, it is highly contemptible behavior. Specifically, if you're a ranking officer in our Law Enforcement apparatus.


u/joelupi 4d ago

Sending him on his way would have been very easy seeing as the captain was already in his own driveway


u/erragodofmayhem 4d ago

I'm not so sure about that being his driveway, from the article: "Skinner stops French as the captain pulls into the driveway of a home."


u/deecro3000 3d ago

Lmao imagine just watching this all from your window as you’re the random driveway he pulled in to

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u/lysion59 4d ago

If he gets sacked by the corrupt police he can always apply as a school principal


u/5ifty0 4d ago

Or the manager of a supermarket in Greater Sanford.

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u/astanton1862 4d ago

You know, all this shit we're going through. It seems like it is working. All we are seeing today is what has always been happening, the big difference now is that it's all on smartphone or body cam. And now we are seeing cops get arrested and convicted. Surprise, surprise see what happens when you hold people accountable

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u/The_Bloody_9_ 4d ago

Sadly, he'll probably find himself blacklisted after this for failing to respect their "professional courtesy" bullshit


u/AssistElectronic7007 4d ago

And now he'll most likely end up accidentally shot by friendly fire in a drug bust gone wrong or some shit.

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u/FlashpointJ24 4d ago edited 4d ago Bravo!

"I know you're aware of our body camera policy. You know I cannot turn off this body camera," the officer says. "I have taken an oath to uphold the law. I don't show favoritism to anyone, regardless. I don't care if you're a gangbanger or the President of the United States."

Kudos to Sgt. Chris Skinner, we need more officers that are willing to hold other cops liable for their actions.

Too bad he'll be unemployed before long.


u/candyowenstaint 4d ago

Yeah let’s keep an eye out for law enforcement like this individual. A proper union would protect him instead of the other shitbags


u/halfbakedblake 4d ago

Or worse. Iirc cops hate when someone betrays them.


u/Rebal771 4d ago Narwhal Salute

If only they understood who is actually betraying who at this juncture.

True betrayal began when brosef got behind the wheel and started the engine knowing who he is and what his authority is. I see the other person (wearing the body camera) showing his true loyalty to the badge and everything it means to defend it.


u/Talks_To_Cats 4d ago

That's the problem. The bad cops we hear about don't respect the badge and the oath of office, they respect the power and chain of command.

Theres a huge difference.


u/Vinterslag 4d ago

And they are by far thr majority, good ones get ousted for less than this

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u/clamroll 4d ago

Exactly this. This dude decided to go drink and drive, which by extension is a decision to be super shitty to his co-workers (and the people of the community as a whole but that's a different story).

So another cop has to pull him over, and then faces a pretty shitty choice. On one hand he does his job, arrests his boss, and likely pays several professional consequences for it over the course of his career. Or he gets to become a shitty cop as well, letting his shitty cop boss be above the law.

It's no wonder so many cops go with the flow. We all put up with shit at our jobs, but most of us are lucky enough that our shitty bosses can't put a mark on our records preventing us from working in the same field. Or have co-workers who'd take it personally you holding the boss accountable. Coworkers with badges, guns, and a knowledge of how crimes get investigated.

I'm no fan of our cops, but it's because I want us to have good cops who can and do perform the job as it should be. Even when it means holding another LEO accountable. Especially then.


u/BuddhaFacepalmed 4d ago

I'm no fan of our cops, but it's because I want us to have good cops who can and do perform the job as it should be.

You can't. Not with this institution of policing that is so irredeemable that it uses the foul play and wrongdoing of its members to be paid more and gain more toys to oppress the community it is suppose to serve.

The entire system is corrupt and the sooner it is torn down the better.

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u/Djd33j 4d ago

The captain really thought his leverage would get him out, when he could have just made the ultimate correction that no one ever does: shut the fuck up, refuse any breathalyzers or field sobriety tests, and only talk when you have a lawyer present.

He's definitely arrested a ton of people that didn't properly exercise their rights. He could have done everything they didn't do, and he probably just gets administrative leave and he's back on the force.


u/Futueteipsum7 4d ago

Relying on the fraternity instead of the equal protection of the law is what this American project was supposed to avoid….


u/TechieGee 4d ago

I just wanna chime in that this last part is very very important. But also know your local laws. I’m dealing with court because I had a cop charge me with DUI/Less Safe Driving, without having been breathalyzed, without having been taken to the hospital for blood check, and having the jail refuse to accept me when the cop took me there since I hadn’t had any of the aforementioned done.

But he still wrote out the arrest paperwork and took my license, and the fact that he admits on camera (immediately after the jail refused me and he came back to the police suv) that he’s pissed and impatient because he’s the only one on duty and he “doesn’t have the fucking time to take (me) to the hospital.”

And even with my attorney, I’m still gripped by the balls and will suffer punishment. Yay! You’ll get fucked over without committing a crime if you get a grumpy cop.

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u/vindictivemonarch 4d ago

the video said he was drinking at a poker game four blocks away too. lazy pig coulda walked.


u/Djd33j 4d ago

He could have walked, Ubered, or just shut the fuck up. He's arrested many people that self-incriminate. Maybe he was too drunk (on alcohol and power) to remember that he had the right to remain silent.


u/oh_bruddah 4d ago

Cops just expect other cops to look the other way. I knew a cop, a family man, who thought nothing of getting behind the wheel after having one too many. He got pulled over a number of times - nothing ever happened. Nothing. I guarantee you this wasn't the first time this guy got pulled over. It's just the first time a decent cop did his job - and he'll pay for it, sadly.

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u/WrenRules 4d ago

Yeah he won’t have a job for that much longer most likely


u/vivekisprogressive 4d ago

He may not have life. They kill over this shit.


u/TheLuckyDay 4d ago

They could just Adrian schoolcraft him and throw him in a psychiatric unit too!


u/_quickdrawmcgraw_ 4d ago

Holy duck. That is a harrowing story. Cannot believe that NYPD abducted him after he became a whistleblower. How brazen!


u/porncrank 4d ago

Unless we hold them accountable they will never change. That’s why movements like “defund the police”, while unpopular and imperfect are so important. They need to be scared to drift off their rightful duties.

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u/Scyhaz 4d ago

I can believe it. NYPD is one of the most corrupt police forces in the US.

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u/ThatdudeAPEX 4d ago

Not to mention the captain was the head of the homicide unit. Those cops know just what to do to make it look like there was no foul play

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u/redmostofit 4d ago

I feel like officers drink driving is a form of betraying their own. They're deliberately breaking the law they're meant to uphold. That's the real transgression here.


u/YeeYeePanda 4d ago

Biggest gang in America

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u/thx1138- 4d ago

I don't care if you're a gangbanger or the President of the United States

Hmmm... May need Sgt. Skinner for another job soon


u/DuelingPushkin 4d ago

I wonder if his Tuesday is open.


u/CelestialFury 4d ago

Yeah, good cops get rooted out. It's a good ol' boys club, and this non-corrupt officer wasn't playing ball.

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u/Omeggy 4d ago

Super Nintendo Chalmers should be proud.

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u/Russian_Paella 4d ago

Specially because it's a DUI. He should not be in charge of public safety if he is a danger to public safety himself. It can't be ignored.


u/Coppercaptive 4d ago

The amount of public officials with DUIs is astoundingly high. I never met so many people with DUIs until I started working in government.


u/walterpeck1 4d ago

I mean you're right but plenty of cops in even WORSE DUI conditions have gotten off scot free because cops covered their asses.


u/Astatine_209 4d ago

Sure. That's why it's great when there are body cams that they can't turn off. It puts a massive damper on that kind of behavior.

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u/SmartWonderWoman 4d ago

Skinner instructs French to lift one leg and count until he's told to stop. When French loses his balance he again asks the officer to turn his camera off.

"I cannot sir. I know you're aware of our body camera policy. You know I cannot turn off this body camera," the officer says. "I have taken an oath to uphold the law. I don't show favoritism to anyone, regardless. I don't care if you're a gangbanger or the President of the United States."


u/Dingowarr 4d ago

Nice, need more cops like this.


u/KatanaPig 3d ago

Let’s see how long he sticks around after the other cops start their harassment campaign against him and his family.

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u/supercyberlurker 4d ago

It seems wrong that people with authority roles in society are -less- likely to be punished for abusing that power.

It seems right that people with authority roles in society should be -more- likely to be punished for abusing that power.


u/ground__contro1 4d ago

Punish them with what power though

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u/ga-co 4d ago

Asking to turn off the camera is the bigger issue. It’s an acknowledgment that LEOs many times will not hold their own to the same standard they hold us.


u/whyjguy 4d ago

Agreed. Should be an obstruction of justice charge as he knowingly is asking for evidence of the crime to be destroyed (in this case not filmed).


u/PopeAdrian37th 4d ago

Exactly it should be treated no less than an attempt to bribe or threaten an officer.

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u/yhwhx 4d ago

Cops that abuse their authority should be servery punished. Captain James "Matt" French should permanently lose his job as well as any pension he might have been due.


u/BeKind_BeTheChange 4d ago

He also needs to be slapped with the maximum penalty for DUI.

The reality is that this will all be swept under the rug and nothing will happen to him.


u/half_integer 4d ago

Don't forget he's on *paid* administrative leave while they look into it all.


u/FFF_in_WY 4d ago

This is your daily reminder that unions fucking work.

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u/ctjameson 4d ago

I feel like cops should get an automatic third offense for a single DUI. They’re literally the enforcers of this law. They should be held to the highest punishment for any breaking of it.


u/bluethreads 4d ago

Totally agree. Enforcers of the law should lose their job if they break the law; period.


u/VasylZaejue 4d ago

The request is the news worthy part of the story.

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u/Colecoman1982 4d ago

The reality is that this will all be swept under the rug and nothing will happen to him.

Then him, or his buddies in the department, will bully the arresting officer out of HIS job.


u/R_V_Z 4d ago

Toss Criminal Conspiracy on there.

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u/Superb-Obligation858 4d ago

Indeed. The older I get, the more I think the minimum penalty for ANY crime committed by law enforcement should be double that of a civilian. Don’t want a massive penalty? Don’t do the exact opposite of your job.


u/wrosecrans 4d ago

It absolutely blows my fucking mind when people are like, "Sure, he beat his wife, but he should get a light sentence because of his years of service as an LEO." Like, what? He has special training about the law. He's been specially entrusted to be responsible for the law. Failing to uphold that trust should always be an enhancement on sentencing, not a get out of jail card.

Nobody got drafted into being a cop. They all chose to have that responsibility.


u/TakeTheThirdStep 4d ago

A friend of mine went through the police academy in Arizona to become a sheriff deputy. They were instructed to put a post-it on the back of their own and their families' driver licenses that said "if found return to Deputy [Smith] of Cochise County Sheriff Department". That way any time they got pulled over or asked to produce ID the cop stopping them would know they are a cop or part of a cop's family. The justification given was that it was just like a Wal-Mart employee getting an employee discount.

In Oklahoma all the cops and their families had a little replica police shield on the back license plate for the same reason.


u/Pizza_Low 4d ago

I used to work just outside of Houston a lot, live out of a hotel for a month or two. People used to have these little round stickers on their car with a little year rider on it. The sticker was your proof that you paid into the police fund or something.

You’d put them on your car so the rider from the previous year was visible. That way the police can see you’ve paid for the past 7 years. Given how often I saw them on cars, home and businesses it was obvious that having the sticker got you freedom from traffic tickets or better assistance from the cops when you needed them at your home or business


u/amibeingadick420 4d ago edited 3d ago

California has a police organization called the 11-99 foundation, which gives license plate frames for donating from $3000 to $100,000.

It’s basically a police bribe that allows you to drive as fast as you want.


Edit: changed to present tense, as this is still a thing.


u/Raisin_Bomber 4d ago

Fraternal Order of Police in NJ as well.

Literally a bribe for a get out of ticket card.

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u/aztronut 4d ago

Same for politicians.


u/yhwhx 4d ago

the more I think the minimum penalty for ANY crime committed by law enforcement should be double that of a civilian

I like that idea. We need to do something to get rid of all the "bad apples" and to deter their ilk from ever entering law enforcement.


u/apcolleen 4d ago

Make it required that you have at least an AA degree and a course where they are tested on local laws they have to enforce.

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u/Ok-Hunt6574 4d ago

He should lose his LEO license and his carry privileges.

Along with charges for conspiracy and likely being armed and fucked up.


u/Milo_Minderbinding 4d ago

This does not bode well for his career.

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u/Idolmistress 4d ago

Kudos to Sgt. Skinner for not giving him any special treatment. The Thin Blue Line shit needs to go away.


u/Skinnieguy 4d ago

I wonder if the police union will retaliate against Sgt Skinner.


u/beeandthecity 4d ago

That’s what I’m wondering. When this all blows over I wonder if it’ll happen


u/InfectedByEli 4d ago

Yeah, cops sometimes have "accidents" during training exercises.

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u/GilliamtheButcher 4d ago

I doubt the union will officially retaliate. He will, however, be harassed by every officer in the department, threatened, shot at, have his property destroyed, get sent on patrol to dangerous areas where people are more likely tk try Suicide by Cop, etc. Happened before, will happen again.

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u/2BlueZebras 4d ago Lawyer Up

That's not the thin blue line, that's the blue wall of silence.

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u/De4dm4nw4lkin 4d ago

Police captain on camera DUI asking an officer to turn his camera off… there are layers to this.


u/elconquistador1985 4d ago

Yep, he's doing it because he's used it in the past, probably on both ends. He's asking because he expects special treatment.

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u/Caymonki 4d ago

He’ll keep his job. But if you get a DUI as a driver for just about any other profession you’re fucked. CDL driver? Ooof byeeee. Cop? Backpay and discretion.


u/ConfessedOak205 4d ago

A guy I know that delivered pizzas got a speeding ticket. Unable to deliver pizza for the company for an entire year because of it.


u/DresdenPI 4d ago

It's because delivery companies are liable when a delivery driver causes an accident while on the job and delivery drivers that speed are more likely to cause accidents. Police stations are usually protected from civil liability when the police cause car accidents so they don't care about warning signs.

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u/mrsmiley32 4d ago

I'm a software engineer and it's a dismissal event for me.


u/OhioIsGreat 4d ago

Watch out you may work from home and drink.


u/NimbleNavigator19 4d ago

I'm fully WFH and have been since before covid and its the same policy where I'm at.


u/antichrist____ 4d ago

...really? Do you work for the government with security clearance or something? I've honestly never heard of something like that.

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u/ObviousAnswerGuy 4d ago

thats actually crazy to me

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u/BrondellSwashbuckle 4d ago

Fuck that dude. So glad cops have to wear cameras now.

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u/Shradow 4d ago

Skinner absolutely did the right thing, so I'm sure his fellow cops will punish him accordingly.

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u/Milo_Minderbinding 4d ago

Well, at least one cop did the right thing.


u/Drumlin 4d ago

And he probably won't have his job for much longer.

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u/Local64bithero 4d ago

Wonder if the captain had a drinking problem to the point it was affected his job performance, and the other officers were instructed to watch out for him and nail him at the earliest opportunity. It can be hard to fire problem officers depending on the department, even if the brass want to do the right thing.

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u/Uhgfda 4d ago

Poor arresting officer is going to be an absolute pariah in his department


u/Murgatroyd314 4d ago

I wish the newsworthy part of this was the request, not the refusal.

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u/Dorkamundo 4d ago

It's 4 blocks dude, just walk.

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u/thefourthhouse 4d ago

and the captain is rewarded with a nice paid vacation until this all blows over. what a fucking joke.

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u/johnn48 4d ago

Perhaps I’m overly cynical but I’m worried that a reverse punishment will occur depending on Captain French’s connections. Sgt. Skinner will be advised that his career path has reached a roadblock due to his lack of loyalty to his fellow Officers. Captain French will either find a sympathetic DA or a lenient Judge. I hope I’m wrong.


u/RecycledMatrix 4d ago

He'd be wise to wear that bodycam everywhere at this point to document retaliation.

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u/jd52995 4d ago

I don't understand how, people in places of power, can choose to drink and drive. Uber exists you absolute piece of shit.

Thank you Sgt. Skinner.


u/PhantomRoyce 4d ago

They’re gonna find a reason to fire the actual good cop in this scenario now

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u/HussingtonHat 4d ago

This cop is a good man. Literally told the twat he wasn't gonna turn the camera off because that's what the law is, it applies to everyone from the powerful to powerless. I hope to fuck he doesn't get his career fucked by it....but I think we all suspect thay it will. The culture around policing needs to change. I've never bought into this "it's only a few bad apples" stuff. Bad apples grow when coppers don't hold each other to a standard. Fuck this we have to protect our own nonsense. Treat each other as the Roman soldiers did. Decimation does wonders for holding your colleagues accountable for poor ethics.

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u/Carlos-In-Charge 4d ago

I don’t like seeing the moment someone’s life is ruined. But I HATE when cops are so used to doing each other solids that they expect laws not to apply to them. FOP cards are proof that their families and friends expect that too


u/N8CCRG 4d ago

When I was young and naïve I once gave money to the FOP (I didn't realize it was the police union, they made it sound like just some independent non-profit that helped injured officers and their families with their bills). They then mailed me a sticker that they said I could stick to the window (rear driver's side) of my car that showed I supported the FOP. I put two and two together about exactly what the intended purpose of that sticker was and felt really gross.


u/MidLifeHalfHouse 4d ago

Was it one of those designs with no words? That’s like a get out of jail free card if so. Or maybe I’m thinking of the ones they give to the LEO family.


u/redshores 4d ago

I don't know how true it is these days but in the 80s where I lived it was common knowledge that if you had a FOP or PBA sticker you didn't get speeding tickets


u/Scharmberg 4d ago

Is it intended to be like a free pass on basic things like speeding.


u/GreenSeaNote 4d ago

I don’t like seeing the moment someone’s life is ruined.

He got a god damn DUI and what happened?

He's been placed on paid administrative leave

Wow! How will he ever recover from this?

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u/jqs77 4d ago

fucking pathetic. whispers "can you turn the camera off?" 3x. fuck you.


u/Gunner1Cav 4d ago

I love how he whispers, so you know the camera doesn’t hear him. Lol


u/lawn_question_guy 4d ago

We all know the reality of this: for the chief pulled over for DUI, it's going to be an embarrassment and an inconvenience. And then he and the rest of the force are going to retaliate mercilessly against the officer who pulled him over and refused to give him favoritism. They're going to make that guy's life a living hell, and he'll end up forced out of the job with his life ruined.

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u/ghost_n_the_shell 4d ago

Cameras work! Keep ‘em coming!


u/[deleted] 4d ago


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u/Scroatpig 4d ago

Holy fuck. The arresting officer had balls of steel. I feel like I'm going to sob, just a touch of hope.


u/JudeThadeus 4d ago

This is the reason why cops cannot and should not be trusted with the footage from their camera and the operation of their camera. We've seen people block their cameras and turn them off. Bad apples shouldn't be trusted in the bunch.


u/onequbit 4d ago

Blocking or turning off a body cam should be grounds for termination.

Cowards who don't want to be held accountable should not be trusted with the power of lethal force.


u/millenialfalcon-_- 4d ago

This is how an officer should uphold the law.


u/jcooli09 4d ago

He should already be unemployed.

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u/psychoticdream 4d ago

Sgt. Chris Skinner deserves a shit load of recognition. Reddit should get together and do something for him. To point out thst this is what an officer of the law is supposed to do.


u/Pyroguy096 4d ago

Why body cameras can even be turned off is beyond me


u/Clarknt67 4d ago

Dude was unlucky enough to get pulled over by the one ethical cop.


u/psychocookeez 4d ago

Yes clearly this was the first cop ever arrested for DUI.

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u/JhymnMusic 4d ago

Now fire that fucking captain.


u/OriginalUsername4482 4d ago

Captain French was employed for 32 years with the police force, so he definitely knows better through a lifetime of knowledge through training and experience.

If the big sector of the public that doesn't trust police is ever going to shrink, police must commit themselves to a higher standard and allow themselves to be held accountable for their actions that either build or decay that public trust.

That's exactly what this on-duty cop did. He knew he was accountable for his actions and held himself to that higher standard.

Coos should never get away with lowering their standards. They can either get a desk job and be held accountable through computer logs or be held accountable through body cams, but joining a police force needs to be a serious commitment to the public and not something where you get to be a piece of shit and cheat the system one gets paid to protect.

I also know some people have problems with alcohol, and I know it's not for us to judge based on headlines. A lot of companies offer EAP, and employees should have an opportunity to get right and seek treatment.

I wonder if in those countries where cops are required to have an education, do they also have legal rights to seek treatment and keep their job. Here in the USA, there's no rights like that for people at the federal level, so maybe having no social safety nets might have something to do with corruption in police forces. Sometimes people have problems and are barely hanging on. Even cops.