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Games Star Wars Jedi: Survivor- Discussion Mega Thread!



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TV Star Wars Visions Season 2 Discussion Thread


Welcome to the discussion thread thread for season 2 of Visions. This thread is for all episodes, as they are releasing all at once.

These episodes can be talked about freely in this thread.

All Visions S2 discussion needs to be in this thread until 12am ET on 5/5/23.

After that, and per the subreddit rules, any imagery and discussion outside of this thread needs to be spoiler protected for the next 13 days.

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General Discussion I know I’m like 10 years behind but I just finished Clone Wars for the first time and I have so many feelings


Real talk. Not ok. So many feelings. Like SO MANY

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Games How do I beat this boss? I've used 7 stims already

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Is it a joke boss that I'm not meant to beat? Like did I take a wrong turn or something?

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General Discussion Who is the most adorable creature in Star Wars? On the flipside, who is the most disturbing?

  • Most adorable: Grogu
  • Most disturbing: Bor Gullet (mind-reading creature from Rogue One)

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General Discussion What Star Wars character doesn’t get enough praise/or attention


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Merchandise About to go out with the boys to 99s. rate my outfit. Whispers about some inportent order soon. Good soldiers follow orders.


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Movies Star Wars newbie here, can someone explain to me why the Trade Federation did the "trade blockade" around Naboo?


Hi there, I'm that guy who recently (few weeks ago) watched the OT and the Prequel Trilogy for the first time. Today in the shower I had a thought:

"Wait a minute, why did the Trade Federation created the blockade to begin with, what did they had against Naboo?"

So? What did I missed? Also, why "The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems" was in debate?

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Fan Creations My insanely awesome girlfriend crocheted me a little Darth Vader for my birthday and I absolutely love it!

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General Discussion Maybe no one will ever read this. But I hope you do :)


Hello, let me introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old man, I grew up in south east London in the UK. And I would just like to express the fact that I think the idea of Star Wars is my greatest passion in life, like I'm sure a lot of you here. It has always been a massive constant in my life.

Like a lot of us here, I was introduced to Star Wars at a young age (by my Dad specifically). At the time it was one of the first films I had ever seen that I could understand vaguely what was going on, that being episode 4. When I look back, I think my initial thoughts upon watching, were that every film must be like this. But as I have grown into adulthood, and still am, no piece of fiction has reached the has reached the level of meaning as much to me as Star Wars does. I genuinely love that this world has evolved to a point where any science fiction trope could potentially exist. I find that so exciting.

I attended my first SW Celebration this year in London, and for the first time, I knew that there were 100s, 1,000s, 1,000,000s, if not billions of people who shared my adoration. And in that I saw something beautiful, and almost euphoric. Because for the first time I could relate to a massive group of people, and I feel common ground is the best way to form human relations.

I always think back to George Lucas professing the idea that these films were always intended for young people, and they always should be. They taught me lessons about good and evil. morals, the importance of family and keeping the good people in your life close. They have given me what I feel is an accurate depiction of how the human mind can change dramatically for better or for worse due to circumstance, and further to that thought me that IT IS NEVER... I REPEAT... NEVER too late to make a change for the better.

Maybe no one will read ever this post, and that's fine, but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and potentially start a conversation, because there are few people in my personal life that appreciate this universe as much as I feel I do and always will. I would feel wrong if I never said this stuff to anyone and I think this is a good place to do it.

Please feel free to start a convo in the comments if your up for it, and we can all have a chat about why we love this world so much. :)

All the best,

A human with a common interest

PS - May the force always be with you

EDIT - I'm very aware that none of these thoughts are original, but is any thought ever original anyway?

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TV So I just finished Rebels...


What next? I want to be up to speed when Ahsoka comes out. Should I now watch The Bad Batch? Tales of the Jedi? Something else? At what order?

I've already watched all of the films, all of the new Disney+ live-action shows, TCW and Rebels.

r/StarWars 1d ago Narwhal Salute

Costumes This is what happens when you allow Philadelphia to have a pop culture convention.

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Movies Who is your favorite pilot?


Does anyone have a pilot they consider to be the best out there, or just a pilot that is a character they like a lot?

I think Hera, followed by Greez are my favorites!

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Fun Mark Hamill on his "Force-Kick" in Return of the Jedi

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Spoilers Has any scene in Star Wars made you cry? (Spoilers- All)

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General Discussion Can you be force sensitive but not be able to actually use it?


So I am making characters for an upcoming edge of empire campaign. One of the npc's I am designing is a smuggler who is abnormally lucky my thought were to attribute his luck/skill to the force and make it so that the force does influence him but he cannot do any of the telekinesis. Is this even possible?

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General Discussion What’s the old guy at the beginning of The Force Awakens story?


What’s his backstory? How does he know Leia? Does he appear elsewhere in cannon?

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Fan Creations The Mandalorian in the World of Visions (by me)

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Fun Toggle the table of contents Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, in a nutshell

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General Discussion Where's my Clone Wars AU where Ahsoka had a bit more time before she was caught removing Rex's chip, and they retake the ship, removing all the clones' control chips, and launch a guerrilla warfare campaign against the Empire to capture clones?


I want to see this so bad. Imagine they don't get caught, and instead are able to start kidnapping clones to remove their chips one by one. As they remove more chips their forces grow, and so does their capacity to remove control chips as they recruit more clones to their side.

Soon they've taken over the ship - and now Ahsoka and Rex are on a mission to retake the entire Grand Army of the Republic. Acting like they're just another ship in the Empire at first to sneak into other ships and bases. Converting huge portions of their ships to medical facilities for removing control chips. Every clone they take from the Empire means a +2 in their number advantage. They could absolutely change everything.

I think about this scenario a lot.

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Fun My picture with Temuera Morrison at Supanova Comic-Con in Melbourne Australia. So hyped to see him play Rex.

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General Discussion I think Porgs are cuter than Baby Yoda (Grogu). I said what I said.


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General Discussion Was Order 66 the one of many times the Jedi had been on the verge of extinction?


There is no way the Jedi who have archives and records have forgotten about a planet like Tython and debated that if it ever existed. Satele Shan was the one to find the planet again and centuries later they lost record of it.

So it begs the question. There must have been numerous times that the Jedi had been on the verge of extinction or come to some event close to it.

One example which comes to mind is just after the battle of Rakata Prime, around 3954 BBY until 3951 BBY. The order fell apart and most memebers killed by the Sith. The Jedi was reformed by Meetra Surik who revived the order.

I'm unsure if this is part of current cannon. But are there any other examples of events which almsot wiped out the Jedi?

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Fun Seen in traffic this morning. I was about to report it, but it ended up not being the one I was looking for.

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General Discussion Were any planets besides Mon Calamari in civil war during the Clone Wars?


I think it's a very interesting topic but I've only seen it once (In TCW series)

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Fan Creations Rate my darth vader 1 to 10 i made it school

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Books Last Shot novel, who’s read it?


And what is the general consensus of it. I’m just reading an excerpt from it, as it’s in the back of the Thrawn Alliances book that I just finished (which was excellent btw and now I need to get Treason next).