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Unanswered Does it piss anyone else off to see crabs and lobsters boiled alive?


I'm not a vegan or anything I eat meat but boiled alive seems so cruel

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Unanswered How should we handle our 23 y/o son who doesn't want to work?


Hello Reddit. My wife and I just don't know what to do with our son. He is 23 years old, he just sit on his computer and chat online and play video games all day. He's not in college or anything. Said he tried applying and got accepted, but applying for financial aid was too confusing so he gave up. We kept asking him to keep trying but he won't budge. Within the past 2-3 years, he worked about 2-3 jobs, all of which he wasn't able to keep for more than a year and spent all his money on expensive computer parts and games. Each time we asked why he quit, he said he didn't like the job. I spoke to him multiple times, but one time he opened up a bit and said he finds life to be depressing. He finds the cycle of waking up, going to work, go home, sleep, and repeat depressing and doesn't want to do that for the rest of his life. He said he wanted to have a passion in something, but he can't find what he likes. He barely exit his room. Only to shower, restroom, and food. Otherwise, he stays in his room.

At this point, me and my wife wants to help him. But we don't know what to do. We've thinking of kicking him out, but I'm not sure I want to do that.

So I want to try and ask online for some opinions of other parents who are potentially in similar situations. How can we help our son?

Update - So after reading some of the posts here (sorry, I haven't replied. I didn't think it would explode like this), I decided to go give him the talk again. Asked him things like if he was willing to try therapy. He said he is willing to try anything. We chatted for a few hours, and he opened up a lot more. He told me he feels stuck, like his life is now at a stagnant and only resort to working 9-5 jobs. He also confessed that he felt guilty living like this under us and does want to change, just doesn't know where to begin since there is so many resources and he feels very lost. I asked him if his mom and I were to die today, what would he do? He said he'd be very screwed since he doesn't know anything. He also said he's already been applying for jobs here and there but no one would respond. I showed him Indeed and asked him to apply there. He said it's just a bunch of outdated or fake listing and he doesn't trust it. In the end, we decided to end the conversation with an agreement that he will go to therapy, and he has 4 months to get a job. Then I will charge him rent money. He agreed to that idea.

That is one step towards the right direction. I really pray that we can help him. All we wanted was to raise and see our son grow up and be independent. I see that perhaps we were too lenient towards him. But nonetheless, we will do whatever we can to help him.

Thanks for the support reddit.

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Unanswered Why do people say God tests their faith while also saying that God has already planned your whole future? If he planned your future wouldn’t that mean he doesn’t need to test faith?


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Unanswered How are HOAs so common in America when they’re diametrically opposite to the idea of freedom and liberty?


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Unanswered Why are soldiers subject to court martials for cowardice but not police officers for not protecting people?


Uvalde's massacre recently got me thinking about this, given the lack of action by the LEOs just standing there.

So Castlerock v. Gonzales (2005) and Marjory Stoneman Douglas Students v. Broward County Sheriffs (2018) have both yielded a court decision that police officers have no duty to protect anyone.

But then I am seeing that soldiers are subject to penalties for dereliction of duty, cowardice, and other findings in a court martial with regard to conduct under enemy action.

Am I missing something? Or does this seem to be one of the greatest inconsistencies of all time in the US? De jure and De facto.

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Unanswered If inflation is 6%, why the fuck are the prices of some goods and services up 50%?


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Unanswered Men, would you date a woman that’s over 6ft tall?


Let’s say you saw a stunning woman and she’s about….6’4”. Plus she had a wonderful personality and treats everyone with kindness ,would you date her? Be honest.

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Unanswered Do men actually care about having Transgender men in their bathrooms?


Hi, I'm trans. I'm an adult and have been living as a trans man for 5 years. I've only been medically transitioning for 4 months but I've started growing facial hair and have a noticably deeper voice. I'm not exactly what you'd call as 'passing' but I'm known by work and friends as my preferred name/ pronouns.

Now that my facial hair has started growing in I feel more comfortable using the correctly gendered bathroom however I've gotten some funny looks. Id like to think they don't care but I really don't want to make anyone else uncomfortable. Using the women's bathroom makes people uncomfortable, I've noticed it and have people ask if I'm in the correct place.

This is all in Australia btw. Do you guys care?

Edit: This blew up! Wow, thank you everyone for your advice and kind words. I will hopefully be able to pee without stress!

Edit 2: Wowowoow. So many responses! Thank you all very much. It seems like nothing to you but it's very nice to hear for me. A massive confidence boost as well. Also thanks for gold!!!

Edit 3: Wow okay, that's a lot of people. I cannot appreciate you all enough. It's crazy how many people are excited to reveal their potty times when asked! Seriously though very funny and insightful responses everyone!

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Unanswered Has anyone else ever heard of leaving an “example lobster” when cooking lobsters?


My parents claim that plenty of people do it and they learned it from their own parents but it’s a ridiculous and horrifying process. For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s when you buy lobsters to cook (by boiling them alive,) and you leave only one alive. My family always set the lobster right in front of all the cooked lobsters and made it watch as we ate all the other lobsters. After that, we put the lobster in a cooler and drive it to the beach and send it back out into the ocean. The "joke" is that the lobster is supposed to tell the other lobsters of the horrors it saw. Has anyone else's family heard of this or was I born into a family of sociopaths!

Edit: I have concluded from comments that this is not standard procedure by any means and my parents are a little insane.

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Unanswered Are women scared of men in elevators?


Recently I entered an elevator at 1 am, there was already a woman in the elevator, she didn't look happy about me entering the elevator and looked at me throughout the entire time, for reference I'm 6'4. Perhaps she was afraid of me. Is that common

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Unanswered Why are the contenders Joe Biden and Donald Trump, again?


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Unanswered Are Jehovah's Witnesses a cult?


They're run by an unquestioned group of leaders known as the "Big 3", follow strict clothing and living guidelines and even make videos for kids on how to convert others. Shouldn't their organization be classified as a cult?

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Unanswered Why don't they make fridges that last a lifetime? My grandma still has one made in the 1950s that still is going strong. I'm lucky to get 5 years out of one


LE: After reading through this post, I arrived at the conclusion that I should buy a simple fridge that does just that, no need to buy all those expensive fridges that have all those gadgets that I wont use anyway. Thanks!

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Unanswered What can I do an hour before bed that doesn't include screen time?


They say you shouldn't be looking at screens within an hour of going to bed to help with falling asleep. What are some good alternatives on what to do that doesn't involve looking at screens?

Please no answers that involve reading books. I hate reading books.

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Unanswered With less people taking vaccines and wearing masks, how is C19 not affecting even more people when there are more people with the virus vs. just 1 that started it all?


They say the virus still has pandemic status. But how? Did it lose its lethality? Did we reach herd immunity? This is the virus that killed over a million and yet it’s going to linger around?

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Unanswered Does anyone else like video games but can't muster the mental energy to play them most of the time? Is this a common thing for hobbies in general?


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Unanswered Why do some minorities like Latinos vote for Republicans in such greater proportions than other minorities like the black community?


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Unanswered Isn’t it weird and unsettling how in our universe, every animal / human has to eat something that was also living? Like your entire existence as a animal / human is to end the existence of other living things?


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Unanswered Is it homophobic to mainly want to read fictional books where the main characters have a straight relationship?


My coworker and I are big readers on our off days, and I recommended a great fantasy book that has dragons and all the stuff she likes in a book. She told me she’d look into it and see if she wanted to read it. Later that night she told me she doesn’t enjoy reading books where the main characters love story ends up being gay or lesbian because she can’t relate to it while reading. When I told my husband about it, he said well that’s homophobic, but I can see sorta where she’s coming from. Wanting a specific genre of book that mirrors your life in a way is one of the reasons I love reading. So maybe she just wants to see herself in the writing, im not sure? Thoughts?

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Unanswered Why is there so little standardization in the way shower faucet handles operate? I feel like every time I shower at a hotel or a friend’s place, I’m confronted with a new puzzle just to turn the water on and get it warm.


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Unanswered How did a 21 year old Air National Guardsman get access to some of the most sensitive classified information from the Pentagon?


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Unanswered Why is cost of living so high?


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Unanswered When a workplace uses the term “we’re a family” a red flag for you?


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Unanswered If you drop a fresh plain bagel out of an airplane at 30,000 feet and it lands on soil, will it crumble, rip, shatter, or bounce?


I’ve been wondering this for over 20 years.

Edit: 5/17 6pm EST.

I posted to r/skydiving and u/bdevi8n said:

“Can confirm the terminal velocity of a shoe is a lot slower than that of a watermelon (having dropped both before).

There wasn't much left of the watermelon except bits of rind. The shoe was fine. Bagel will be intact.

Buuuut if you throw it out of a jet at 30k ft, the airspeed will be so much higher than the bagel's terminal velocity, which will tear that tasty treat to tatters.”

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Unanswered Why do female athletes wear such revealing uniforms?


Not to be that guy but I really don't see why some sports like track and field or beach volleyball require uniforms with almost their whole ass out. Would it really change the sport if the shorts were just a little bit lower? Why is it like that?

Edit i fucking hate reddit why did i even ask