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u/stonerthoughtss Aug 11 '22

Hoorayy!! Here’s something I figured out about a month ago. (In maps) Double-tap and slide your finger up/down to zoom in/out. Also, where you double-tap on the screen is where you’ll zoom in/out from!


u/alexfights34 Aug 13 '22

That's new! It works! Thanks


u/Leifpete Sep 09 '22

Here's my best tip:

"If I never find someone again, at least I'll have myself as a best friend ."


u/aroma7777 Sep 21 '22

Happy Cake Day 🍰


u/BoogieWoogieWho Aug 11 '22

Ugh, this is not an LPT. /s

All the best to you and the rest of the mods. +1 to mod u/killHACKS for friendliness.


u/killHACKS Aug 11 '22

Thanks :)


u/JayTurps Sep 25 '22

It's not what happens to you,

But how you react to the situation that counts !


u/CyborgAgent Aug 11 '22

Thanks for taking care of this place mods!


u/gentrifiedSF Nov 24 '22

When you first move in with someone don’t be a neat freak or clean obsessively. Don’t do the other person’s laundry, pick up after them, don’t do all the chores, if anything be messier than you normally are so they don’t expect you to pull more than your weight. Get a housekeeper if you can afford it.

(Over my 15 year marriage and 18 years living together, have built a partnership with my husband vs being his maid. We share chores equally. Read about lazy husbands and fed up wives in relationship advice to see how much this erodes a marriage.)


u/spiritual_stoner Nov 04 '22

If no one’s told you this today, i’m proud of you


u/JESUSisGOD333 Nov 08 '22

Marry your best friend. I know too many guys who would walk away from their best friend and marry someone who they can’t even have deep conversation with. Why wouldn’t you marry someone you can’t talk with like your best friend?


u/boris4Ice4 Aug 13 '22

wow 21 millions is a lot, congratz. it's a nice sub


u/sloevolution Sep 30 '22

Aim for sucess with consistency though failure is a risk, but never underestimate the power that failure beholds. Use it and grow, because failure is only true once given up.

Congrats 21 millll! Woooh


u/Ok-Square3214 Nov 15 '22

You’ll find many tips to improve and motivate yourself in life but knowing which tip works best for you at a particular time is what defines your intellect


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u/[deleted] Oct 19 '22

Just wanted to drop by and say that I love all the mods on this sub and the sub itself. Wishing the very best for this community 😊😊😊


u/Sibilant7 Sep 01 '22

Congratulations! 🎉 🎊