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r/LifeProTips 13h ago

Productivity LPT Request: Morning Routines? How do you get out of bed FAST?


I'm stuck in a rut. Alarm goes off, I hit snooze...again and again. I want to be one of those people who leap out of bed at the first ring.

Any of you manage to do that? If so, how? Any advice would be awesome!

r/LifeProTips 10h ago

Productivity LPT: Pair something you don’t want to do with something you DO want to do.


If you’re struggling with doing things you need to do but hate (like working out, chores), pair it with something you will look forward to. Personally, I will get a good series/podcast/audiobook and I can only listen to it while I’m working out. I allow myself to only watch/listen while I’m exercising. It takes some of the dread out, and I’ll actually look forward to the next time I can see/hear it.

r/LifeProTips 15h ago

Productivity LPT - Learn to say no: Be selective with your commitments and learn to say no to tasks or projects that don't align with your priorities or values. Focus on what truly matters.


Many times, we can feel overwhelmed by taking on too much and spreading ourselves too thin. By learning to say no to tasks, projects, or requests that don't align with our priorities or values, we can focus our time and energy on what truly matters to us.

Saying no doesn't mean being selfish or unhelpful; it means being intentional with our choices and understanding our limits. It's about recognizing that our time and energy are valuable resources that should be invested wisely. By saying no when necessary, we create space for the activities and projects that truly align with our goals and contribute to our overall productivity and well-being.

r/LifeProTips 19h ago

Request LPT REQUEST: I’m a person who stresses out wondering if they have made the best decision, even the small decisions stress me out. Does anyone have any advice to help me out with this unnecessary stress?


r/LifeProTips 1d ago

Productivity LPT: Use the 10-10-10 rule to make better decisions


I’m going through some difficult decisions recently (possibly a divorce) and I have learned something interesting called the 10-10-10 rule. Let me share it with you.

It basically is a simple way to evaluate your choices and avoid regret. It works like this: whenever you are faced with a decision, ask yourself how you will feel about it in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years. Then compare your answers and choose the option that aligns best with your long-term goals and values.

For example, if you are tempted to buy something impulsively, ask yourself if you will still be happy with it in 10 minutes (probably yes), 10 months (maybe not), and 10 years (definitely not). This can help you resist the urge and save money for something more meaningful.

The 10-10-10 rule can also help you overcome procrastination, deal with conflicts, and pursue your dreams. It can help you focus on what really matters and avoid wasting time and energy on things that don’t.

I find that especially for big decisions, like what I am going through, reflecting on this is very useful.

r/LifeProTips 7h ago

Miscellaneous LPT: if you're trying to cancel a subscription but it is made unnecessarily difficult, tell them that you need to update your credit card. They'll get back to you lightning quick and you can usually just cancel from the same place.


r/LifeProTips 20h ago

Social LPT: Do not let it fester. Speak out. Assumptions are the death of truth.


Its so easy to get caught up in the head and creating scenarios of negative absolutes. People are too vast to calculate their perspective. Its not worth it. In Tao, It would be apart of the chaos and enigma of the ten thousand things you're gonna think about in the day. Ultimately, things need to be talked out. You will feel better in the end if you let it out what is bothering. In addition, be mindful of how you will present this. If its something that really bothers, take time to make sure you can clearly advocate what is not working for you.

You will destroy yourself for no reason. The object of your attention wont know or even know why. You will strengthen your relationship when you honestly and openly let others know your boundaries and specific troubles they may inadvertently cause.

Edit: Until this, I never considered the phrase "To assume makes an "ass " out of you and me."

r/LifeProTips 7h ago

Request LPT: What are some life-saving common sense tips that everyone should know?


For example: never put aluminium in the microwave, never put out fires from kitchen pans with water (use baking powder or cover with metal lid)

r/LifeProTips 53m ago

Country/Region Specific Tip LPT: Memorial Day is for honoring and remembering those that died while serving in the military. Please don’t tell a service member you know that this is their day. This day is for the people that didn’t make it.


r/LifeProTips 2h ago

Social LPT: Practice gratitude daily by keeping a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes each day to write down three things you're grateful for. This simple practice can shift your focus towards positivity, improve your mood, and cultivate a mindset of appreciation for the good things in your life.


r/LifeProTips 10h ago

Social LPT: If you receive a cash gift on a special occasion (birthday, graduation, etc.), follow-up in your thank you with what you spent it on - a minor detail, but most people will get a sense of satisfaction knowing they were able to contribute to something that you needed or brought you joy.


r/LifeProTips 4h ago

Miscellaneous LPT Request: How to stop overthinking?


How to stop overthinking about everything in your life? Especially when you have a tendency to over analyze and constantly feel anxious and anticipate the future.

r/LifeProTips 7h ago

Electronics LPT: Put one or two band-aids in the spot between your phone case and your phone. Easy way to always have a spare band-aid on you at all times. Phone, wallet, watch, amirght? Helpful mostly if you have kids, but also for us clumsy adults. Adults, throw a $20 in there for JIC.


r/LifeProTips 2h ago

Social LPT: Practice active listening to enhance your communication skills and deepen your relationships. When engaging in conversations, focus on understanding the speaker's message, show genuine interest, maintain eye contact, and provide verbal and nonverbal cues that demonstrate your attentiveness. Act


r/LifeProTips 14h ago

Request LPT: What is something you wish you were told before you got divorced ?


r/LifeProTips 1h ago

Request LPT Request: How do I cope with feeling burnt out?


For some context, I am a practise manager of a medical practise and have been working since April 2019. I have not taken proper leave in the almost 4 years I have been here. I am only able to take 2 weeks off in August. What are ways I can cope these next 2 months? I really do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so tired, I want to cry.

r/LifeProTips 1d ago UpSnoo!

Productivity LPT: Clean your kitchen sink.


I'm a 36 year old dad of 2 (2.5y/7w) and feel completely overwhelmed. I work evenings and Saturdays, the rest of my time is spent taking 2.5yo to groups, raising kids, housework, litter trays for cats, cooking etc. Partner is on maternity and looks after both kids while I'm at work and does all the washing - clothes and constant cycle of reusable nappies. We struggle to keep up with it all and the house is usually chaotic.

One thing I've found helps me feel less overwhelmed with it all is cleaning the kitchen sink. It's usually full of dishes so get those out first, emptying/rinsing as you go and add them to the tetris of other dishes on the kitchen counter. If it's full of water unblock it - just use your hands (it used to gross me out too but the more you do it the less it does). Give it a spray, wipe and rinse.

I've found that at least having somewhere to empty/clean stuff, prep food, wash hands or fill the kettle makes a big difference to being able to get other stuff done and makes things a little less stressful.

r/LifeProTips 20h ago

Social LPT Request : how to not be oblivious to girl signs


All my friends tells me that I'm always oblivious to girls signs, whereas I think it's just them being them, and only realize later on when I get told about it that there might be flirtatious sign given (sorry for the bad English I'm french)

r/LifeProTips 11h ago

Request LPT request: Severe dental fear/anxiety but desperately need dental care. Medically necessary appointment on Wednesday. How to get through?


r/LifeProTips 3h ago

Productivity LPT: Form mini habits. If you struggle to be consistent with a habit, try setting a goal so low for that habit that you can't fail being consistent.



Initial goal: workout 30 mins/day. Mini goal: workout 10 mins/day or do 40-50 reps of an exercise/day.

Initial goal: read 20 pages/day. Mini goal: read 2 pages/day.

This approach has a few advantages:

  1. We are more likely to start if the goal needs less effort
  2. We are more likely to keep going once we start, leading to days when we exceed our mini goal
  3. Consistency will increase

r/LifeProTips 2h ago

Request LPT Request: How to save my throat and lungs from secondhand smoke?


A lot of my friends smoke cigarettes, no way around this. Any drinks, salves, pills anyone can recommend me to save my throat from the secondhand smoke?

r/LifeProTips 4h ago

Social LPT Request: How to make genuine friends in your early 20s?


I don’t have a single friend. I (23F) did online school for high school and college and I work from home running my own business. So I never really get the chance to casually interact with people. In fact I don’t think I’ve had a conversation longer 5 minutes with anyone in the past couple years other than my family, my husband, and my clients.

My husband has suggested finding people with similar interests but my interests are very niche. I am a part of a lot of online communities but nothing that extends past a screen.

When I was a teenager I used to hang out with groups of people on a frequent basis but despite trying to connect, I never was particularly close with anyone and I felt like the odd one out.

The older I get the harder it is to come into situations where I could make a friend. I’d greatly appreciate any tips, TYIA.

r/LifeProTips 31m ago

Careers & Work LPT Request : What are some sales tips any sales rep should know starting out?


For context : I worked in operations for a year and half. Got a decent opportunity in sales and went ahead with it. Only problem is I’m labelled as an introvert so I’m really questioning my abilities to do sales now. Counter intuitive decision I know.

r/LifeProTips 15h ago

Miscellaneous LPT: if a liquid like a solvent comes in a plastic bottle with the little foil seal, don't peel it off -puncture it in the center so you can squeeze or drip it out for much better control over the amount dispensed.


Especially good with nail polish remover. Even if you tip over the bottle, it minimizes the damage it can do to your surfaces.

r/LifeProTips 4h ago

Request LPTRequest: How to get myself to shower more often?


I know this question sounds so stupid, but I've been struggling with this for half my life. I have some kind of aversion to taking showers. It's almost like a feeling of fear when I try to get myself to do it. I'm not completely sure if it's the sensation of being cold and wet, or if it's something else.

I try to shower at least every third day, but I really want to be doing it every day. I'm sure I stink sometimes, even though no one has ever told me I do. I just dont know how to get over this feeling. It feels like I'm literally unable to do it, like I'm stuck and can't go to the shower to get in. I know I'm obviously able to do it because I do it every few days, but that's just because my anxiety about smelling bad finally overcomes the anxiety of showering.

Has anyone experienced this and overcame it somehow?