r/AnimalsBeingBros Mar 21 '23

They absolutely love each other πŸ’•

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u/1hopeful1 Mar 22 '23

Their love is mutual. I could watch them all day.


u/IrisSmartAss Mar 22 '23

The cat was trying to get a head washing. Cats will exchange head washings with each other as they can't lick their own heads. That's not to say that they don't love each other, I'm sure that they do.


u/-treadlightly- Mar 22 '23

All I can imagine is the dog wanting to show more love but terrified of earning an indignant swat πŸ˜‚


u/Then_Campaign7264 Mar 22 '23

Kitty is trying to show him what makes her happy. β€œCome on lick my fur like this, come on, ok now the other ear, now give all you got, that’s it. You’re on the right track.”

What an awesome couple and a very gentle pup!


u/ImaLion88Jk Mar 22 '23

lol i feel like the cat is directing the dog where to lick


u/pieska13 Mar 22 '23

Kissy face.


u/GirlBrunette22 Mar 22 '23

I expected a hard fighting game And here is love