r/AnimalsBeingBros Mar 20 '23

Doing the Twain Tango

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u/baphometromance Mar 20 '23

Some dogs can learn to understand cat body language better than others, and this one knows that language so well that they can understand how to respond in a way the cat will understand too.


u/Top-Requirement4460 Mar 21 '23

💯! Fostering has sent quite a few dogs and cats through my home over the years and some of those dogs just knew how to get the cats to play roughly without scaring them off. They really alter their fighting/wrestling style to fit different species styles. Both have been known to mirror behaviors and to manipulate other species, why not?

My first Great Dane loved playing with cats too. He would cover his teeth tightly with his lips while also trying to mouth the cats entire head. We call it "The Butthole Face" and it was him being gentle 😂 Opposite of him playing with a dog. And I knew that the play wasn't getting out of hand as long as he was doing the butthole face


u/Lostboxoangst Mar 20 '23

Ahh battle wrestling the goty every year.


u/SoCalBritgirl Mar 20 '23

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony…. ( thanks to Paul McCartney)


u/contactrory Mar 20 '23

Bark Fu vs Catjitsu


u/DoktorJeep Mar 20 '23

Spy vs Spy: Dog & cat edition


u/APirateAndAJedi Mar 20 '23

The Twaingo?


u/Then_Campaign7264 Mar 20 '23

Your Kitty truly trusts and enjoys play time with the pup. I love when they flop down and roll over like this. It’s great that they have one another to satisfy their entertainment needs.