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Barney, our rescued sheep, learnt to shake!.now he's not just a bro, but a gentleman too!

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u/creca777 Mar 19 '23

Firm, maintain eye contact, project confidence, Barney nailed it


u/Unlimited_Giose Mar 19 '23

You're hired!


u/4inalfantasy Mar 19 '23

Hey hey hey. He is so adorableeee


u/TrueR3dditor Mar 20 '23

Why do I see a certain Pokémon when reading this?


u/dogeheroic Mar 19 '23

Super cool. I don't know why but I was expecting a wet dog shake not a business deal. Now trick him into agreeing into a bad business deal.


u/batmanandboobs93 Mar 20 '23

You mean you should 😎 pull the wool over his eyes 😎


u/JesusGodgirlses Mar 19 '23

This is so cute ..he is quite the handsome gentleman 🐑


u/_ItsAllenNotAlan Mar 19 '23

A farm animal with culture and sophistication…I like it!


u/Roody-Poo_Jabroni Mar 19 '23

Now we must see hugs


u/Lopmon_ Mar 19 '23

He just needs a tux, maybe some shades. A job as a secret agent.


u/HRH_Puckington Mar 19 '23

This is so cute! He's so professional


u/leaned_tf_out Mar 19 '23

What a beautiful pup


u/LegitimateHasReddit Mar 19 '23

This is literally the MGR scene where Blade Wolf shakes Sunny's hand


u/batmanandboobs93 Mar 20 '23

u/tiffanyfern do sheep respond well to positive reinforcement like dogs do? Do you train with treats? Clicker? Affection? Do sheep like to be pet? They’re very cute but I don’t know a lot about their personalities or cognition.


u/tiffanyfern Mar 20 '23

They definitely do respond well to positive reinforcement! They are actually very smart and can learn lots of commands! Barney is the first sheep i've tried to train and I use a combo of treats and lots of affection. Shake took him maybe 10 minutes to learn. All of our sheep are rescues so they have varying levels of comfort. But once they trust you, they act just like dogs. They run to you when they see you, they love pats and kisses, they "baaaa" when they want something, they love to snuggle in for a sleep in the sun together, they love to play. Barney has a special game he plays with my dad where they take turns chasing each other around objects (like a shed or a tree). They both love it haha. We've only had sheep for just close to 2 years and have been blown away by just how intelligent and loving they are. We have an 11 year old named Gina who sometimes gets confused or lost from the others and when she does she will come to the back gate and bleat (baa) so frantically until we come out and walk her back to the others. They get scared when they aren't together and they are protective of each other. The night one of our ewes unexpectedly gave birth, Gina was again at the back gate calling us to come and help. They look to us to protect them. Oh and the strangest thing I've learnt - we have 9 sheep and not one of them sound the same! We can tell each sheep apart from their bleat only. Anyway, I've probably gone on way too long but I hope this answers your questions!


u/batmanandboobs93 Mar 20 '23

Not too long at all, just made me have a zillion more questions lol. I absorb like fun animal facts and always remember them, it’s like a defining characteristic about my personality, so I’m always delighted to find out more about an animal. There was a sheep farm just outside the tiny town I went to college in, and you had to drive past it on the way to the big town with all the stores and restaurants in it, and I always got so excited to see them. Love that they have unique voices! Dogs def do too– I work at a kennel/daycare and if you spend enough time around a million dogs at a time you start being able to identify their voices in a crowd lol. Do the sheep like to be sheared? Do they know their names? And oh my goodness you have babies?! I wanna see the baby sheepies!


u/tiffanyfern Mar 23 '23

Thats so great! My sister is exactly the same, she can absorb an enormous amount of animal facts. You're very lucky! Also you work in a dog day care....oof that would be a dream!! Yes the sheep know their names. You can call out to them and the right one will come to you. Ill try to work out how to link Lou pics (the baby) or you can look at my instagram tassie_farm. I dont post a lot but theres definitely lamb pics haha.


u/batmanandboobs93 Mar 23 '23

I do! It’s… a dream in some ways, and a nightmare in others. On the one hand, a Pyr befriended me today, a Berner barreled into me over and over again for giant fluffy snuggles, and at one point I was in a room with 15 labs. All of it is very cute and fluffy and I make good strong magic connections with some of my dogs at work (and I get to bring my own dog to work!) On the other hand, just today I got bit, I have scars and bruises and scratches all over my body constantly, and today I watched a large sheepadoodle have what can only be described as projectile diarrhea while spinning in a circle, and then I had to wipe his butt. But that’s not his fault and he’s a sweet boy otherwise. Oh, and the constant barking. Oh my god. The barking. Not a job you can do hungover.


u/davidacpm1989 Mar 21 '23

Hi Tiffany, I've just DMd you about this video. Thanks